Awareness Raising towards clean biomass burning

by BB-CLEAN funded by ERDF - Alpine Space Project

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Posted by Marc on 08-06-2020 - Last updated on 08-07-2020

In the last years a lot of activities have been conducted to raise the awareness of cleaner BB. Even if a lot of old installations have been updated or exchanged, still too much installations are inefficiently used. What can we do raise the awareness? This Challenge is part of the Interreg-Alpine Space project BB-CLEAN: Strategic tools towards a sustainable use of biomass for low carbon domestic heating. It is dedicated to an exclusive expert crowd of BB-Experts in the Alpine Region.

Awareness raising is often seen as the major point to optimize the use of wood based heating installations. But even if a lot of communication activities have been launched still many private users do not know or do not care about the emissions from their wood based heating installations. We have identified two major problems here:

1) Lack of knowledge ("I did not knew, that ...")

2) Lack of awareness ("I do not care, that ...")

This challenge is a transnational challenge which is available in English.


  1. What are the main barriers raise the awareness to use more efficient biomass heating systems?
  2. What are means/ ideas/ concepts to overcome these barriers? What ideas and experiences have you gathered?
  3. What technical awareness raising ideas exist (e.g. smartphone apps with sensors)?
  4. What type of individual coaching would make sense?

We are looking for all sort of ideas and comments related to these questions.