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Posted by Alexandre Oliveira on 03-05-2016 - Last updated on 05-04-2018

We need a transport box for grapes that is made from the new composite material created by Freewood, a mix of MDF and polymers. This reduces the need for spraying the boxes with pesticides considerably and improves the quality of grapes. The box needs to have the following dimensions (maximum 80cm x 120cm) and has to have the following specifications: Reduce the volume after use; Returnable; and Reusable.



Thank you very much for all the submissions!


Requisitos do projeto:

  • possuir medidas máximas adequadas ao Euro pallet (800x1200mm);
  • reduzir o volume após o uso;
  • retornável, reutilizável.


Project’s requirements

  • Adequate maximum measurement to Euro pallet (800 x 1200 mm)
  • Reduce the volume after use.
  • Returnable, reusable.


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  1. Ursula A Ursula A

    Can you please give some more information about the FreeWood material? In what forms is it available?: as granulate to do injection molding, as prefabricated profiles, which ones etc? What is the specific weight of it and how can you work with it, e.g. can you bend it under heat (which temperature is needed for this), can you cut it, sand it and work with it with regular wood working machines etc. Thank you!!!

    1. leti.londero leti.londero

      Hi Ursula, how are you?
      Thanks for your interest in our challenge!

      If you want to know more about the material, you can go here in our website, it has a post all about this topic!
      Abou the working machines, you can use any tool you would normally use for wood, like saw (manual, electric, circular or blade). Soon enough, we'll have a post on our website about it.

      Any other questions we are here!

    2. Ursula A Ursula A

      ok great thanks, Leti  that is very helpful.... ;-)