How to encourage consumers world wide to eat less meat?

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Posted by Ursula T. - Last updated on 17-11-2015

Meat consumption is one of the biggest contribution to climate change in the area of food and agriculture. A low meat or no meat diet would not only solve many nutritional issues around the world, we will be able to create healthy food for many more people, if we stop feeding valuable foods to animals, but is also much more healthy. How can we encourage those who are already on a high meat diet to eat less meat and those who are not yet eating lots of meat that this is the much more environmentally friendly and healthy diet to keep?

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  1. Bonnie Lew Bonnie Lew

    There are a lot of vegan Youtubers really spreading the message to millions of people around the world. The movement has never been bigger and more appealing to healthy, smart people than today! Here is a compilation of those representing the lifestyle - Thug style! ;-)