Innovative ideas and technologies for a cleaner use of domestic biomass heating systems

BB-CLEAN funded by ERDF - Alpine Space Project

by BB-CLEAN funded by ERDF - Alpine Space Project

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Posted by Marc on 04-06-2019 - Last updated on 15-04-2021

The misuse of wood in domestic biomass heating systems (chimney, insert and stoves) is a real problem in the Alpine Region. The emissions especially of particulate matter (including black and brown carbon) of old wood stoves and open fireplaces are very high. We want to change this and are looking for your ideas and experiences! This Challenge is part of the Interreg-Alpine Space project BB-CLEAN: Strategic tools towards a sustainable use of biomass for low carbon domestic heating

This challenge is a transnational challenge which is available in English, German, French, Italien and Slovenian. All ideas will be translated to English and summarized in the English version.


  1. What technical solutions did you install, have you seen installed or would you suggest to optimize domestic biomass heating (especially chimney) and reduce particulate matter (including soot)?
  2. What ideas came up to you to reduce PM emissions in private household?
  3. Which practices do you think would allow a more efficient heating?
  4. Which type of biomass/wood would you use?


The top 10 selected ideas will be presented on our project homepage, in project reports, on social profiles etc. of the project partners. Additionally we will financially award the best three ideas:

1st place: 100 €

2nd place: 60 €

3rd place:  40 €


In the context of the project activities all innovative ideas will be used to set up a catalogue and guideline to enable more efficient use of biomass burning for domestic heating in the Alpine Region. Ideas will be presented to local and national authorities to help regulate these issues.


The problem of inefficient biomass burning is the high production of particulate matters (including black and brown carbon) and other emissions. In Germany, for instance the PM emissions linked to residential wood heating are twice as high as the ones caused by road traffic.

So we need to solve this problem very urgently!

In the context of the Interreg-Alpine Space project BB-CLEAN - we will submit several challenges on innonatives to support more sustainable use of biomass burning in the Alpine Region.

In the Alpine Region there is a need to support a better use of local resources and an increase of energy self-sufficiency while reducing impacts on climate and the environment (EUSALP, AG9). Biomass is local and affordable and its combustion avoids fossil CO2 atmospheric emissions. For these reasons biomass use is strategic in this region. Nevertheless, the misuse of Biomass Burning can lead to consistent particulate matter (PM) emissions, often unknown to population and local administrators. Actually, PM has an impact on natural ecosystems, on human health but even on climate change considering Black Carbon concentrations contained in PM emitted from biomass burning