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Posted by Agim U on 04-05-2016 - Last updated on 04-05-2016

The best clip will win 3000 €, the second best 1500 € and the third 750 €. They will run on and YouTube and producers will be credited.


Sustainability, radical innovation and collaboration are core components of the web platform. How can we explain in a fun and clear way what the platform stands for, how it works, and why people should get involved?


Please design a short video clip or animation (maximum duration of 3 minutes), that explains sustainability, radical innovation, how works, and what kinds of benefits it offers. This should be easily understood by a non-expert audience and motivate people to get involved in

Sustainability is often such a "heavy" topic, try to make it a little more lightweight and attractive. Use a little humour and make it interesting.


The platform is organized by the Sustainability Maker project team. The Sustainability Maker project is managed by Ursula Tischner, econcept, Agency for Sustainable Design. Further project partners are ecosense – media & communication, Politecnico di Milano, Forum soziale Technikgestaltung (forum socially responsible design of technology) and WEBclusive. These partner will form the jury.

See the project website for more information about the project, which is carried out with the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community. See also our introduction of and its functions:

The three best clips will be selected by the jury and go online on the website as well as on youtube. The best clip will win 3000€, the second best 1500€ and the third 750€. Authors/ teams will be mentioned prominently whenever the clips are shown. This project will go for creative common license, where others can use the clips for non commercial purposes, but cannot change anything, and have to mention the names of the creators any time their work is being used.


The challenge starts October 1, 2014.

First we like you to conribute rough ideas. This can be short text and some images or sketches. These will be discussed and we might encourage you to work together in teams to develop concepts.

The concepts should include already a storyboard and some images or sketches. The concepts will be evauated by the jury and the crowd and we will identify the most ineresting ones.

These can then be worked out into final solutions. Those will be ranked by the jury and the crowd and the three winners will be announced.


Education and communication about sustainability and innovation in an inspiring and motivational way is very important to encourage people worldwide to get involved in creating a better world. It is essential to show that EVERYBODY can get involved and do something to make society and individual life styles more sustainable.


The content of the clip could be for instance as follows. This is just a proposal. You are welcome to come up with own ideas:

Welcome to …
the world’s first open innovation platform
that uses crowd sourcing, crowd voting and crowd funding
to create radical innovation for sustainability.

So … What is sustainability:
Sustainability is good for people, the planet and the economy.

So … What is radical innovation?
Innovation that leads to MANY and FUNDAMENTALLY better solutions… new systems, products, services, communication and life styles… Not just a little less bad …

So … What is “the crowd”
The crowd is all of us. Everybody can get involved and work together with the international innovation community.
Together we will be able to find the best solutions
that work for most of the people, worldwide.

That means …
You can use the platform and …
… Pose problems and challenges the ‘innonatives’ shall solve
… Collaborate with others to create great solutions
… Vote for the most important problems and the best solutions
… Invest in and fund the solutions you would like to see implemented
… Propose your own solutions for crowd funding
… Sell and buy sustainability solutions in the online marketplace
… Become an expert and help others to implement their projects

By this you will
… become famous
… earn money, awards and a reputation
… have fun, be inspired, inspire others

and …
… feel very good about it, because you are helping to make the world a better place

So, register today and get involved.
The world needs your ideas.
Thank you ;-)




TAGS: Communication, Sustainability, Innovation, innonatives, education, video clip, animation


Name: Agim Meta, ecosense
Address: Alteburger Str. 32
Tel: +49-(0)221-4202676


  1. mikkk mikkk

    How much do we have freedom in following (or not) and not following your suggestions? can we even purpose a new "identity" for your brand? If not, where we can find logos to be edited in our video? Thank you so much for the informations! Can´t wait the October 1st ! Hugs

  2. Ursula T. Ursula T.

    Hi Mikkk, the name innonatives is fixed and the logo The Anglerfish as well. You can download them above in the challenge brief. everything else is flexible. success !!!!

  3. eddappiah eddappiah

    How can I involve my students in this? Is it late to start?

    1. Ursula T. Ursula T.

      This Challenge has just started. They should post their ideas in the first place: click on the pink button above "submit your own idea" and then join the discussion and creative collaboration: comment on other ideas, post new ideas, vote on ideas etc. Ideas phase will close on November 15th. then ideas will be evaluated and the best go to the next = concept and then solution phase. Please also read "how it works" for more info here: We look forward to your ideas and solutions, thank you

  4. gabriele.tempesta gabriele.tempesta

    Hello there! First of all, congrats for the platform launch, I am really looking forward to get started :) Now, I read the "How it works" section and the info is a bit different from what I remember from the launch conference in Cologne. I'd like to verify some information and confirm what should be shown in the clip: • Voters were supposed to vote which problems (found by the Seekers) were more relevant, and the most voted one would have become a Challenge. Is it still like this? If yes, should we mention it in the clip? • I am confused about the (external) Expert and the "Innovatives Expert panel". Can the (external) Expert join the innovative expert panel and vote? Or does he just intervene only in the implementation part? Do we need to mention about the Innovative Expert panel too? Sorry for all the questions, but clarity is the pre-requisite for such a clip :D All the best, G.T.

  5. gabriele.tempesta gabriele.tempesta

    Oops. Problem solved. Just found all the answers in the FAQ... :D G.T.


    oh good Gabriele, thanks... but just in case that somebody reads your questions here a short clarification: a) at the moment the innonatives project team evaluates and selects the challenges that are proposed to go online. Because we are still in the test using phase and do not have that many proposals yet. Later on there will be a lot of proposals for challenges then the crowd voting process will select the ones that shall go online. b) we have an internal expert panel already, that mainly consist of the international advisory board of the project and the project partners. If you are an expert in one of the relevant fields and like to get involved you can send us an email and apply for becoming an expert. In a later stage the regular users can become experts by being very active at the platform through the reputation management process (very active and knowledgeable users can opt for receiving expert status, which then shows in their profile). For every challenge we will appoint the necessary experts to consult the process. In case expertise is missing in our innonatives expert group, we will search for external experts in addition. All appointed experts for the respective challenge will vote as "experts" all others will vote as regular users. In some cases the expert voting might be ranked differently from the general voting, depending on what the challenge starter / owner prefers. I hope that clarifies the process. We look forward to your ideas !!!!

  7. silvia_emili silvia_emili

    Hello! is the ideas phase still open or you have already closed the submissions? Thanks

  8. Ursula A Ursula A

    Hi Silvia, no you can absolutely still participate just upload your concept (which should be a little more detailed idea) we are looking forward to it... ! Thank you