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Posted by Ursula A on 14-07-2015 - Last updated on 27-10-2016

innonatives is here to help you solve sustainability related problems - that means related to social, environmental or socio-economic issues. This challenge invites you to submit problems for the innonatives community to tackle.

Challenges should support sustainability by helping you develop strategies in one (or more) of the following or related areas:

  • Improve social and/or environmental issues in your community
  • Programs to tackle current issues such as climate change
  • Increase resource, energy and/or waste efficiency within your company
  • Offer your clients more sustainable materials/ technologies and/or recycling programs
  • Improve your company image and competitiveness by becoming more sustainable
  • Find more and better applications for your sustainable technology or material
  • Receive support, partners, ideas and better communication for your green start-up
  • Raise awareness about sustainability issues through a great communication campaign
  • Find partners and help with your idea to improve quality of life and sustainability in your neighbourhood
  • Etc.

Find the support you need by submitting your idea about a problem to innonatives – briefly describe the problem and add a catchy image, the more clear, tangible and meaningful the better.

All challenge ideas will be evaluated by our international expert panel and voted on by the crowd. The best ideas will be posted as innonatives challenges. We are available to help you formulate really attractive challenges and rewards to encourage active participation from creative people around the world. The best part is: This is all FREE of charge! Thanks to funding from the EU, until March 2016 we can offer full use of the innonatives platform for free – even for commercial organizations.     

Once your challenge has been completed, the many interesting solutions will be evaluated and the best ones identified. Then, you are ready to implement them.  If your solutions require funding, take advantage of the innonative Crowdfunding Module.

If you would like to run a closed (private) challenge on innonatives, please email us with your proposal at

Jump on this amazing opportunity and send us your ideas for urgent sustainability related problems. People like you can save humanity!

Good luck!