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Pencil Exhibition Design

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Posted by Long Lu - Last updated on 11-05-2015

This is a display design using pencil assembly ,it can be flexibly  assembled according to the product exhibition and poster exhibition. Pencil can be recycled to the fair use.

Design Introductions:
1 New Concept Development
   Main features: display (display panels, product brochures)
   Users: Student works from design school
2 Select low environmental impact materials,recycled material and renewable materials: pencil
3 Reduce material usage:Pencil can remove and replace, transportation volume is small, light weight
4 Reduce the product in the use of phase's impact on the environment:
No energy or material waste
5 Optimizing initial product life:Modular assembly;Flexibility, can adjust itself according to the needs;Product durable, easy to replace
6 Optimization of scrap system:Components can be reused, can replace;
Modular product structure;Recycling products (parts);
Products to manufacturing or product processing