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Posted by Yui Zeng - Last updated on 11-05-2015

Milan have a lot of Vehicle which could be the power of the ShareRadio, So if we let ShareRadio join in the vehicle system of Milan city,It could save manpower and material resources.


  • Milan have a lot of Vehicle which could be the power 

  • of the ShareRadio,So if we let ShareRadio join in the 

  • vehicle system of Milan city,It could save manpower 

  • and material resources. 

    In another hand, Change some detail to make the ShareRadio 

  • become morecomfortable and   energy smart.So we chould 

  • design the box,let it become a seat when it is parking

  •  state.People could share the music around the whole city.

  • Also the Components can work whenit is parking.

    We also have a lot of print cloth only can be uesed one 

  • time,  So we can use this print cloth,and  assemble it 

  • on the railing just like a hammock.It could provide people

  •  a place of  nap and enjoy the music radio.


  1. Bonnie Lewtas Bonnie Lewtas

    I like the idea of the area where you can relax and listen to the music. Please try to upload individual more close up pictures of your concept so that it can be more easily read and understood :-)

  2. Elisa Bacchetti Elisa Bacchetti

    Interesting mechanism of connection to the bicycle/vehicle!