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BIOCON - The one and only Mobile App to Biodiversity Conservation

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Posted by Marc on 23-11-2016 - Last updated on 23-11-2016

We have the idea to develop a comprehensive Biodiversity Conservation App for IOS and Android Platform. The Mobile App will have four goals. 1) Information and Awareness Rising 2) Marketplace 3) Gamification 4) Community Building The target group will be the Consumers in the large Cities of Brazil and in important Western Countries, like USA, Germany. The return would be used to finance Biodiversity Conservation Projects in Brazil. Up to now there is no such App existing in the large App-Marketplaces!

Our Mobile App BIOCON would be the first Mobile App in the large Appstores focussing on Biodiversity Conservation

We would plan at the beginning with 4 major parts

1) News: This section would include news and stories related to biodiversity conservation. Users, Experts and we as Owner can upload content and comment to presented information

2) Games: Important for the Awareness-Rising would be to set up cool Games that deal with the topic. We have many ideas, i.a.:
A) Ecosystem Go (a Pokemon copy)
B) Crazy Biodiversity Conservator (a Moorhuhn (Crazy Chicken) copy)
C) Quiz-games (a Who will win the million € copy, but without cash wins)

3) Marketplace:

The idea would be to help local communities to sell their products via the marketplace to national and internationale customers. Of course we would need further partners here to secure the logistics etc.

4) Community: Instagramm and Facebook are well known. We would like to set up our BIOCON Community, exchanging Ideas, Problems, Pictures, Videos about themselves in the context of Biodiversity Conservation.

Business Model:

We would foresee a classical Freemium Approach. So basic function for free but with advertising and then an extended version or add-ons (especially within the games) for a small amount.

The idea is to get a maximum of downloads and then to stay within the 5-10 preferred Apps users will use everyday on their mobile devices.