Optimization of Biomass Heating in the Alpine Region – Awareness Raising, Information Needs and Barriers

Project BB Clean funded by Interreg - Alpine Space

by Project BB Clean funded by Interreg - Alpine Space

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Posted by AlbertoSuppa on 24-06-2019 - Last updated on 16-04-2021

Communication campaign designed to inform people about the proper handling of small household wood heating devices to protect human health and environment.

LIFE IP Project PREPAIR, recently started a communication action about correct use of biomass. The campaign, entitled "Brucia bene la legna. Non bruciarti la salute" ("Burn woody biomass well. Dont' burn your healh") is primarily addressed to the inhabitants of the Po Valley, it has as its object the theme of biomass combustion for domestic heating. These activities, aimed at improving energy efficiency and lower atmospheric emissions, intend to embrace the different profiles of the biomass issue: the features and type of biomass to be used in households; the need for a correct use of the biomass and of the plants in which it is burned; the requirement of the adequacy of domestic heating systems, properly installed, maintained by experts and recorded at the specific Registry; the possible impacts on health due to indoor pollution; aspects of home security for the risk of chimney fires.


Main objectives:

1. Raise awareness of the target audience on the risks of wood heating systems;
2. Conveing complex concepts through effective dissemination communication;
3. Change habits and people behaviors;
4. stimulating investments aimed at replacing old plants.
On the PREPAIR Project web site was created a page with all the materials of the communication campaign: http://www.lifeprepair.eu/index.php/comunicazione-sullutilizzo-della-biomassa/

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    Dear Alberto

    great thanks a lot for your idea - we should definitely cooperate on this.

  2. Marc Marc

    Can you maybe add, what is the most efficient instrument you have designed, from your personal point of view?