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Ecosystem GO

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Posted by NCE on 01-11-2016 - Last updated on 01-11-2016

Make a game for kids and parents to play. The goal is to rise awareness of future generations and raise money for reservation of rainforests.

  •  The idea is basically the same as in Pokemon Go, but the collectables are baby animals who has lost their parents, pokestops provide treats to give for animals for collecting them and the gyms could be sanctuaries for babies.
  • As you give baby animals for sanctuary keepers you get a reward.
  • Business is the same as in the Pokemon go and you could give part of the money straight to some projects for saving the forests and animals. 


  1. Marc Marc


    nice basic Idea. I would loved to enlarge the idea and set up an entire Portfolio of Games and Apps. 

    The Problem of the Ecosystem Go is that it may raise awareness but it probably does not help directly to support the biodiversity conservation. I am pretty sure that a farmer in Amazonas does not care at all if there is such a game or not. He wants to make his money directly. So we would need to set up an app, enabling those people/companies either changing their business model or doing their business in a less harmfull way.

    Maybe we can develop together a broader Idea of the "BIOCON-APP" incl. games like your ecosystem Go, BIOCON-Birds (as Angry Birds), BIOCON-IPEDIA, Online-Shop/Marketplace, etc.




  2. Carine Bergez Carine Bergez

    Hello Nora, 

    I like the idea of using a popular game in order to educate kids.

    FYI, a French start-up (called Eneo) came up with a similar idea : 

    (for those of you who don't understand French, you can still Google-Translate it)   ;o)  

    Also, there another point I think should be kept in mind when developing a biodiversity app aiming to collect baby animals : the app should make it clear that in real life, people should NOT touch/bring home a wild baby animal even if it seems lost, because if they do - or even just touch it - the animal can no longer be sent to its parents.

    1. nora.elstela nora.elstela

      Good points :)