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Electric Car Emissions Are Just Half That Of Gas Cars

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Posted by Agim U on 22-10-2016 - Last updated on 22-10-2016

A recent EV lifecycle analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists has put that the myth the test and found that determined that electric car greenhouse gas emissions are just half of the amount of that of a gas-powered car over the course of its life.

EVs are already cleaner to drive, and are getting even cleaner, due to both advancements in EV and battery technology as well as increased amounts of renewable electricity on the grid. However, the report also suggests that in order for EVs to hit their full potential, they must “account for a larger share of vehicle sales while the electricity grid shifts from coal to low-carbon renewable sources,” and that moving both of these energy and transportation transitions forward will constitute “a critical strategy for cutting projected oil use in half over the next 20 years” as well as contributing toward getting the US “on a trajectory toward net-zero climate emissions by mid-century.”

Source: Union of Concerned Scientists

Source picture: Renault


  1. JanStehlik JanStehlik

    This article covers the topic CO2 emission of e-cars in great detail and does all the math:

    After all of this, the conclusion seemed clear: I drive a kick-ass, high-performance, five-seat all-electric luxury sport sedan that has the same wells-to-wheels carbon emissions as a tiny Scion minicar with two real seats.