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FEBREZE etc. smelly toxic chemical waste

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Posted by Ursula T. on 14-04-2016 - Last updated on 14-04-2016

Febreze and other chemical "air fresheners" actually contain toxic substances that they release in the air, the image shows a short text from the environmental assessment of the Environmental Working Group 2007-2009 on Febreze Air Effects Just stop using these. There are much better, natural ways to get rid of bad smells.....



  1. Bonnie Lewtas Bonnie Lewtas

    Agreed! They also give me a headache :-/ I read that beeswax candles actually help to purify the air (while other candles pollute it). Still, I do not think the answer is the mass production of beeswax. I wonder if there is a way to design a plant/ organic-based candle that can have a similar effect on air quality while leaving the busy bees alone :-)