Radical Sustainability through Biomimetics and 3D-Printing

Bionik-Netzwerk Hessen

by Bionik-Netzwerk Hessen

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Hand-Made-Print³ -A new approach for occupational therapists creating handcrafted assistive devices

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Posted by Robin on 04-10-2015 - Last updated on 04-10-2015

In this project I like to create DIY design solutions for occupational therapists. I want to encourage the occupational therapists to make special customized assistive devices using modeling material by their own. After going back to the roots and modelling by hand the object can be reproduced using 3D scaning and printing. I want to outline the method of working with the oven hands and form devices with materials, tools and processes. I see big values and some advantages in this traditional way of shaping good beside the CAD-modeling. The mainfocus is more on the outlined method. The elements of solutions which is a toolbox and the idea-sharing-platform are more in the backround and just help the process and not as a main element.

The idea is to encourage therapist/ occupational therapists who are helping patients with handicaps to improve their daylife with assistive devices with taking into about the 3D-printing and scanning technology.


Patients are supported to be more part of our society and have a better life. The technology is more affordable and is accessible also for patients which don't have a lot of money for a special customized device which is very expensive and takes a long time. Also we don't have a lot of wasted materails/ resources which we might save in shipping and producing. 

I want to encourage the therapist with this alternativ method besides the CAD-Modelling who comes finally to a 3D-print. The more human/ traditional skills orientented method alowes therapist to model assistive devices which fits properly in a restistant material.

The method become alive with the "Hand-Made-Print3-kit" and the "device-idea-sharing-platform"

The "device-idea-sharing-platform" is a space to sharing new and helpful device-ideas from patients or therapists which made with the 3D-Printing or other need crafted devices.




Tools + Material + Process = Method


Collected tools for claymodelling helps to create shapes, surfaces, patterns, joints,...

Also is there a big need to design new tools for modelling with clay in this use.





The collection of material includes clay, wire-grids with different patterns, natural twigs, wires,... and the idea that the user can search for a lot of other stuff from the nature or the enviroment. Nature shapes actually from the human/ patients body and the already exsisting great natural materials can be used and copyed.





The 3D-Scanning and shaping with hands are processes to compleat the method to obtain a customized 3D-printed product/ assistive devise.



OT quote


“As an Occupational Therapist I often have to come up with creative ideas to meet the needs of my clients who have physical and/or cognitive impairments. When I can’t find an adaptive tool or device already on the market I will sometimes make something home made to meet their need. Having the ability to use a special toolkit to design an adaptive aid and have it made by a 3-D printer is a great idea that could benefit a number of my clients.”

Jason Thorne /Occupational Therapist Vancouver BC