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How to fight droughts in coastal regions

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Posted by Agim U on 29-07-2015 - Last updated on 29-07-2015

Water scarcity is a serious and pressing issue even in coastal regions, and not only in California, the Middle East, and parts of Africa but also in Europe. This will be made worse by global warming. How can we harvest fresh water from sea water or from the humidity in the air or other sources. Principle technologies are there, but mostly they are very expensive or consume too much energy. We need better ideas.

The European Commission has estimated that at least 11 % of Europe's population and 17 % of its territory have been affected by water scarcity to date and put the cost of droughts in Europe over the past thirty years at EUR 100 billion.The drought of 2003 caused a total economic cost of over €13 billion in around twenty European countries.


  1. Bonnie Lewtas Bonnie Lewtas

    I like this challenge Agim! Also very important for small islands. Many hotels I spoke with in the BVI have huge problems with this. Hope to see great ideas from the crowd!

  2. Agim U Agim U

    Yes Bonnie, even in central Europe droughts become stronger and 2015 might be another example. So we are looking for practical solutions to be implemented quickly and inexpensively.

    1. Bonnie Lewtas Bonnie Lewtas

      yes huge issues in North America as well.