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Meet The Innonatives!

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Posted by gabriele.tempesta - Last updated on 14-11-2014

The clip represents Seekers, Solvers, Voters, Funders, Experts and Traders as the fishes that populate the Innonatives platform digital ocean. Jump in and join them, as they blow their sustainable ideas out of the water and into the real world!



The clip is designed to cover all the required topics in a light and playful mood, with a sprinkle of urgency, hope and motivating / inspiring remarks.


It will be an animation video accompanied by music and a speaker voice, with a graphic style inspired by the existing visual identity of the Innonatives (see the picture).


The platform system will be explained in terms of which "roles" the user can play, and each role will be personified by a "fish" living inside the platform. This will hopefully make everything clearer and more engaging.



Following some tests and feedback received, I decided to shorten the text a bit, simplify the structure and make it more engaging with the audience. Some key frames of the clip will be coming soon... Stay tuned ;)



[The speaker starts by mentioning a list of problems, like climate change, pollution etc., which loudly overlap with each other. After a few seconds the speaker goes silent. Then it says:]


We know how you feel. You can sense that our way of living is NOT sustainable anymore. Deep inside you want to do something about it, but you feel overwhelmed, helpless in front of challenges that seem way bigger than you.


And you're right, by ourselves we cannot do that much. Instead, we must all collaborate to create new products, systems and lifestyles that are fundamentally good for the planet, the people and the economy, not just a little less bad.


The good news is, you can already do this, right here, right now! is the world’s first Open Innovation Platform, that combines Crowd Sourcing, Crowd Voting and Crowd Funding on a single platform to create Radical Innovation for Sustainability.


The Platform offers countless ways for you to make the world a better place. It’s all about the roles you want to play:


Meet the Seekers. They bring up the sustainability related problems to solve.

The most relevant problems are published and become challenges, owned by each seeker.


Solvers are those who come up with ideas to solve Seekers’ challenges. They can work alone or collaborate with each other, and can earn reputation points, awards or rewards if they come up with successful solutions.


Talking about success, here are the Voters.

Voters can comment and vote for the best ideas and the most relevant problems.

The more active a Voter is, the more reputation points he will get.


Experts also have a big say in voting problems and ideas, but their main task is to help solvers implement their solutions. With enough reputation points and the right skill-set, you can join the Experts’ ranks too.


But no implementation is possible without funding. Funders can freely invest in any solution they would like to see implemented, and bring it closer to reality.


Last but not least, the Traders can skip the challenges, propose their own sustainable ideas and directly apply for crowdfunding at Innonatives market place. Here, they can also sell any sustainable solution they have already developed, or buy them from others.


So, to wrap-up:


    •    Step 1: Share this video with your best friend

    •    Step 2: Sign up at, right now

    •    Step 3: Choose which roles you want to play

    •    Step 4: Give your best shot at saving the world, no matter which roles you choose

    •    Step 5: Have fun and enjoy your well earned, reputation, awards or rewards


And whatever happens: 'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world" (Margaret Mead)'.



  1. Ursula T. Ursula T.

    Dear Gabriele, sounds great. We love you icons / fish. we have extended the ideas phase, so you and all others have a bit more time for brainstorming....;-) thank you

  2. gabriele.tempesta gabriele.tempesta

    Dear Ursula, thank you for your comment (and sorry for the delay in answering). I'm really glad you like the icons :) It's also good to hear the deadline was extended; in this regard I have a couple of questions: 1) Does the current script cover all the needed topics properly? Are there any parts that really need improvement? 2) Now that we have more time, do you suggest focusing on refining the script or rather attaching some sketches of some keyframes? (or perhaps re-thinking the whole idea?) Thank you for your time and feedback. G.T.