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MOBILE HOME - connect & share space

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Posted by Jules on 30-05-2018 - Last updated on 16-04-2021

You change your place to live in another city - then move your tiny home with you change neighborhoods, live close to your friends or move together With a mobile home you are free to live whatever you like...

As we just spent most of our time at work or our free time outside we actually need just a tiny home to sleep/ eat and your belongings - parks and garden could be shared and if there is the need to extend your living space you just dock a new container next to it or on top.

Tags: Fraunhofer-Institut


  1. imoo2018 imoo2018

    I really like that idea of tiny houses or mobile spaces (container). 

    You can take your home with you. Actual problem today is (in germany):
    - you don't have enough spaces (ideally to rent) for that purpose to just bring your container.
    - the public doesn't know today much of it (niche)
    - To ask Building and Construction Authorities if you plan to buy/move your container will almost take up to one year. They mostly very sceptic to that conepts. So it will be the same then building a "normal" house. It tooks too much time.
    - Containers itself (for a single person) are ok within the actual prices. If you need more space, for eg. as a family, it will take the same amount of money to build a normal house. Which is ok, if you plan to spent your whole life at the same place. Yet that is the problem. You won't. And then it will be much more expensiv because you have the transport and a new rooftop (container).

    I like your idea of sharing a garden btw. ;-) It is interessting.

  2. luise.pawlak luise.pawlak

    So I like the idea, too.

    But the idea and implementation of tiny houses already exists. For me it will be interesting, if there is any aspect of this idea, which is new. Maybe the draft for a transportsystem or ideas for sustainable materials or energy saving systems for the house itself?