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More than 95% Reduction in Material and Energy Use with the SolarScooter

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Posted by Hans on 30-10-2016 - Last updated on 15-11-2016

I have developed a solar scooter that fulfils about 80% to 90% of the mobility needs in a urban environment while only using about 1% of the material and energy input of a normal car or an electric car. With the #SolarScooter I can easily get through the traffic, even when there is traffic jam - I never stop because I can use the bike lanes and always fit through the traffic jam.


The #SolarScooter has a weight of about 20 kg and a battery weight of about 2 kg. Modern electric cars can easily reach a weight of 2 tons, the batteries have a weight of 400 kg or more. All this to get in urban traffic on average 1.1 persons through the city. 80% of these rides end after 6 kilometres.

With this scooter I can easily fulfil most of my mobility needs with only a fraction of the material and energy input of a normal car or even any electric car. From my point of view it is much better to use only a small lithium ion battery instead of almost half a ton per car. Because the weight of the vehicle is only between 5% to 1% of a car, the energy use is also minimal.

500 Wh is the most the battery can take, then my "tank" is full. With this energy I can get up to 2 hous of driving. This equals the amount of energy used when taking a warm shower for about 1 minute.

This means the SolarScooter uses only a little more than 1 KWh per 100 km, which equals about 0,1 l of gasoline use per 100 km. This is only a fraction what is used in modern cars - if they are fossil or electric driven.

The #SolarScooter is developed as a PEDELEC and has a patented sensor that needs to be activated by the pedalling of the user. Every 5 seconds the user has to pedal for the motor to go. This gives you a feeling of a pedal assisted scooter, just like a pedal assisted bike (PEDELEC).

Because the scooter is within the laws of a PEDELEC it is considered a bike and not a motorbike. The motor has a continuous power rating of 250 W and a maximum power rating of 450 W. The battery has a capacity of about 500 Wh. This gives you a ride with the #SolarScooter of about 2 hours and about a 35 km range. In summer the solar cells add another hour of drive.

The #SolarScooter is especially fun in summer, as it gives you a ride in the cool fresh wind, while on the bike you will sweat. But also in spring and fall the front panel gives you wind and weather protection.



In Summer the solar cells give about 1 hour of free ride.

The front panel ensures complete weather protection with the use of a poncho. Even the shoes do not get wet when it rains!

A lockable compartment is integrated into the front cover, so you can leave the shopping in the scooter while you go shopping for some more things.

The solar power supply always gives enough power to keep up an alarm system in the scooter and can also be used as a charging station for a phone or other gadgets.


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