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Natural Resource alternatives (Wood/ Timber, Brick, Marble, Granite substitutes) prepared through WIPO Green Technologies that recycle Solid Wastes

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Posted by Rahul Nagpaul on 23-10-2016 - Last updated on 23-10-2016

Both WIPO Green Technologies are CLEANTECHS ie. non-Polluting (Nil emissions, Nil effluents, Nil Sound, Nil Light, Non-endothermic & Non exothemic) and Nil Power consumed. The production of Bricks, Pre-fabricated construction Blocks, Wood/ Timber, Marblle, Granite substitutes is accomplished by recycling Solid Waste (e-Waste/WEEE, MSW, Plastics - total 18 categories). International Patents have been filed/entered the Regional/National Phase at 39/44 countries (on 4 continents) Sea Level Rise (SLR) mitigation is possible with use of Solid Wastes & offers two (2) benefits: 1) Extra land area at an elevation is available, which offsets hazard of SLR in future. 2) Vacant Land area is unoccupied & becomes available, after the partial/ complete emptying or excavation of Land fill.


  1. Marc Marc

    Interesting Idea - Have you already thought of starting a crowdfunding or crowdinvestment campaign? How much investment would you need to set up den production? What would be the prize for e.g. Bricks or Construction Blocks also compared to existing "non-recycled" products?

    Best Marc