Hotels on Small Islands - Call for Sustainability Challenges

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Puerto Rico a good place to start?

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Posted by Ursula T. on 06-08-2015 - Last updated on 11-08-2015

On August 3, the government of Puerto Rico missed a $58 million payment on debts that it owes mostly to residents of Puerto Rico. The island faces a "death spiral" of debt and economic stagnation unless the foreign creditors to whom it owes billions of dollars will agree to some form of restructuring. This could be a great opportunity for starting an eco-tourism program on this Island... or not?

Featured image source: Natural Habitat Adventures


  1. Bonnie Lewtas Bonnie Lewtas

    Yes, Definitely! There are already some hotels working on sustainability there. I'll try to get them involved. This is a perfect example of how sustainability is also good for the local economy... especially on islands where in many cases tourism is the main economic pillar and hotels the main form of development.