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Posted by elisa on 18-04-2016 - Last updated on 18-04-2016

Every time we buy vegetables in the supermarket (at least in Italy) they are already packed with plastic film or we have to pack them in the same one. Both cases the packaging becomes waste in the time we arrive at home and put the vegetables in the fridge. How could we avoid this? How can we involve supermarkets to change their logic?



  1. Ugo Ugo

    Hi Elisa, a lot of ideas are coming up in this topic lately. and some supermarkets are already doing it. See: sorry but i only know German ones. Note: perhaps different laws might be also a problem .... i..e. in Italy you are not allowed to take fruits or vegetables without a plastic hand glove, in Germany this is not the case.

  2. Elisa Bacchetti Elisa Bacchetti

    Hi Ugo, Thanks for great suggestions ( I used the traslator ;)) As you said laws are part of the problem, but as well people who are not caring about still reinforce the problem. Let's try to invert the trend.

  3. Helen Breewood Helen Breewood

    Hi Elisa, I agree that ubiquitous plastic packaging is annoying and often difficult to recycle. However, the packaging is often a tiny fraction of the overall carbon footprint of the food. More important contributors to carbon footprint are usually: - Agriculture - Cooking - Transport - Food waste, which the packaging aims to reduce or prevent Therefore, I wonder if focusing on thin plastic packaging is really going to have much impact. However, I would love to see the ideas that come from this suggestion, particularly for food that doesn't really need to be packaged! Best wishes, Helen

  4. Bonnie Lewtas Bonnie Lewtas

    Thanks Elisa :-) Your right - so much useless packaging is very annoying and unsustainable. Like Ugo said, many ideas are developing in this area, which is good, but we still massive changes among consumers, distributors and suppliers. Hope your doing well. Arrivederla! ;-)

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