Implementation Owners


This solution is one of the winners of the sustainable exhibition system challenge and has been selected by Politecnico di Milano for implementation. Its designer Sevginur Ak from Turkey together with Politecnico will fomrulate a Crowd Funding project and, if funded, will implement the solution. The exhibition system blueprints will further be available via the innonatives shop so that everybody can build their own sustainable exhibition system.

Build UP's concept let students create their own exhibition and give them the chance to maintain their mock ups in a healthy way.

It's combined in two parts: the bottom and the top.

With one bottom and one top part, we can create an exhibition for classical sized mock ups (570*350). It lets us hang vertical or horizontal A3 paper or vertical A2 sheet.

With two bottoms and a reversed top part, we can exhibit our small (easy to lose) or valuable mock ups (like fashion accessories). The angle of paper panel provides a distance between the visitors and mock ups. It can be dissuasive for stealers and keep models safe. Besides, the angle of it also makes easier to read the papers.

With three bottoms, a top part and a hanger, hanging product models (like lightening units) can be exhibited easily. Semi cut structured pipe of hang hides the cable of hanging lightening unit.

Build UP can be totally collapsed and transport easily. 

For more information:pdf.pdfmockup.pdf