Coco-pot & Coco-soil

Coco-pot & Coco-soil

Implementation Owners


This concept is one of the winners of the Proflora sustainable design with coco-soil challenge and has been selected by the challenge owner Proflora for implementation. It is implemented by its Designer Alessio De Mitri and the company Proflora in collaboration. They will formulate a crowd-funding project with educational elements and at the same time prepare commercial distribution of the solution. The designer will receive 5% of the net profit generated by each sale and a compensation for his contribution in the implementation phase.




Description of the idea

The central problem is to communicate the quality of the product.



For a person who enters a store is essential to understand two things, where can I find what I need and how much does it costs me.


Although it is potentially interested in the characteristics of the product is hard that he is going to do the mental and physical effort to understand the quality of the product, He already has the mental image of what interests him and time is precious.


Our quality must be properly communicated. The most effective way to communicate is to make the user interested into us, making him curious trying to understand and discover our apparently hidden quality.


How to communicate

The first thing is to get the attention, any store will always offer a more or less extensive choice to the customer. We are good and good, but if no one note us, no one will spouse our cause.


In the portfolio of the available products,, the product with the strongest visual impact and greater appeal, more significantly what people will look at, are the coco-fibre pot. They are eye-catchy, stand out from the others, they are beautiful and irresistible to touch.


It is crucial to use this precious attention span the users dedicates to suggest the quality of our product.


The proposal

I propose to show our coco-fibre pots with the amount of soil granulate necessary for the proper planting.

At this moment our user will get curious for the second time because they shall be filled very little (Our material fact expands when water is poured). Seizing the contradiction will strive to understand the why and  he will be introduced to the magic of our material.


Near to the pre-filled coco-fibre pots will be exposed packs of just the material, on whose packaging will be shown the outstanding environmental qualities and characteristics.


At the end we will have effectively communicated that:


We are interesting

We save space

We are environment friendly

We are beautiful

We are magical


What comes later

The user can decide to trust us wholly or in part, and probably will decide to try the combination of coco-fibre pot + soil granulate. Ultimately, it is the first thing that got his attention. Maybe will choose the option with the seeds included, cause he has no idea of what to plant in it, but now he his curious.


He will try the product and will confirms expectations with the magical soil growing effect. Satisfied, he would think of buying other pots or future use our granular soul for those larger pots that his sister gave to him.


The solution



The solution consists into two products to be marketed and displayed into two different scenarios.


The first consist into the Coco-pot packaged together with the right amount of Coco-soil to properly fill the pot.


The second consists into packs of Coco-soil




Selling scenarios


The combination of the two products will be marketed in dedicated gardening shop, specialty stores, shopping centers or bricolage shop. Because of their visual characteristic they will stand out from the shelves and catch the attention of the customers. At the same time a screen will show the Eco characteristics of the product and the way it works. The Coco-pot & Coco-soil combination will make people curious and their porpoise is to introduce the characteristics and the experience of the Coco-soil. They will be willing to try first the combination of the two and maybe nex time substitute the old peat moss with the Coco-soil



The second selling scenarios will be in the 0km markets that are popping around the main Europe cities. In here people interested into sustainability and small urban gardening will be introduced to the Coco-pots and Coco-soil.