Meet The Innonatives!

Meet The Innonatives!

Implementation Owners


This Clip is finalized by its designer Gabriele Tempesta and uploaded on innonatives, youtube and vimeo as soon as it is ready.

Gabriele receives the first prize of 3000 Euros for the successful participation.

Congratulations !



The clip is designed to cover all the topics in a light and playful mood, with a sprinkle of urgency, hope and motivating/inspiring remarks. It consists of a 2D animation video accompanied by music and a speaker voice, with a graphic style based on Innonatives visual identity.

The core concept of the video is to explain Innonatives platform system by representing different roles as "fishes", building upon Innonatives anglerfish logo.



The video is structured in 3 main parts:

Introduction - it pokes our desire for a more sustainable world and how Innonatives can help
Roles - it describes the roles users can play on the platform and how everything works
Conclusion - it sums up the next steps to do: sign up, spread the word, and jump in ;)

Please note: the clip uploaded covers only the Roles part. The Introduction and Conclusion are still in progress, but the entire speaker text is attached. Both the current clip and the speaker text are not final and some minor details may be changed later on.



The Introduction

[The speaker voice starts rapidly listing a number of environmental and social issues. The voice echoes and multiplies, the words overlapping until nothing is understandable. Silence.]

We know how you feel. You know that our way of living is not sustainable anymore. 

You want do something about it, but you end up feeling overwhelmed, crushed by challenges that seem way bigger than you.

What could you possibly do all by yourself?

Yet, we need people like you, we need a huge crowd. A crowd that collaborates to create new systems of products and services that are fundamentally good for the planet, the people and the economy altogether.

That's the way to shake the system for good, and that's why they call it Radical Innovation for sustainability.

The good news is, you can already be part of the crowd. Right here, right now! is the world’s first Open Innovation Platform, that combines Crowd Sourcing, Crowd Voting and Crowd Funding on a single platform to create Radical Innovation for Sustainability.

The Roles

There are 6 roles you can play on Let's have a look at them:

The Seekers bring up the sustainability related challenges to solve. 
They can give awards, reputation points and rewards to whoever gives them a good solution.

The Solvers come up with solutions to address these challenges. 
They can work alone or in groups, and can join multiple challenges.

The Voters vote for the best ideas from the Solvers, and for the most relevant challenges from the Seekers. The more they vote and comment, the more reputation points they will get.

The Experts also vote for challenges and ideas, but their main role is to help Solvers implementing their solutions. With the right skill-set, and enough reputation points, anyone can become an Expert.

The Funders can invest or donate money to the best solutions, and bring them out into the real world!

The Traders can come up with their own sustainable solutions and apply directly for funding. Plus, they can also sell their solutions, or buy from others at the innonatives marketplace.

The Conclusion

With so many options, anyone can make a meaningful contribution.
So, ready to make change happen? Great!

First of all, sign up at, and share this video with a friend.
Next, choose which roles you want to play, and give it your best shot.
Have fun and enjoy your well earned, reputation, awards or rewards.

[" 'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world' (Margaret Mead)" This sentence is not pronounced.]