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BIOCON solutions - Mobile applications for supporting the biodiversity

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Posted by NCE on 25-12-2016 - Last updated on 25-12-2016

This project will create a variety of innovative mobile application solutions. It is raising awareness about the challenges of reserving rainforests and biodiversity of our planet. It helps also in supporting positive actions and decision making in everyday life of people. It has an educational, economical, ethical and environmental approach to nature conservation.

  • 1.IDEA / Concept


    The idea is to develop a platform for sharing the information about biodiversity, connecting the experts working for nature reserving solutions around the world, and connecting consumers around the world with the producers in Amazonas, and later in other areas. The information is gathered also for open database


    Portfolio of (mobile) applications:

  • BIOCON Mobile games (like Biodiversity GO) for educating school children
  • BIOCON Network of professionals working with nature conservation world wide including: schools, universities, professors, scientists, researchers, teachers and other educators, public services, accosiations, local companies and local people. Annual gatherings and network events can be arranged around the world
  • BIOCON Marketplace for sustainable products and services. Connectiong local farmers and producers with paying customers around the world
  • BIOCON-ipedia information and database for multiple uses


2. Workplan/ timetable


Spring/summer 2017

  • Rectuitment of other participants, for example team of developers for mobile aplications
  • Application development and testing
  • Funding from public sector and government
  • Contacting and finding partners

Autumn/Fall 2017

  • Main partners has been selected
  • Active marketing and selling
  • Beta testing of the game


3. Cost

  • Developing: coding, visual design 3-6 months full time
  • Marketing and distribution 12 months
  • 20 000€ per month


4. Financial return from game

  • Fees from educational version of the mobile game. Educational version has no adds and comes with extra educational features like quizzes. 8 € per download
  • Selling adds for game, user will gain extra points for looking adds
  • 30-45% fees from product selling through the marketplace.
  • Part of the income goes to reserving the nature, cause is based in urgent needs and impact for help.


5. Potential associated risks

  • How to get network involved?
  • How to get sellers in marketplace?
  • How to gather great team in the beginning?


1. Need: What problem does your product solve / market need does it fill? 

  • Networking, connecting people around the world wit same couse for reserving the biodiversity of the amazonas and other important areas of nature in the world.
  • Connecting the producers and the consumers – producers have more customers around the world and consumers will get products directly from producers.
  • Education and information about the topic of nature conservation and the state of the biodiversity,
  • Gaming is fun and mind opening. The game is visual and usable and gives needed variation for school education

2. Market: How big is the market for your product? 

  • Games: For first edition, english/portuguese/finnish versions only shchools and universitites with english, finnish and portugues education, other editions come a bit later. Consumer version of the game is available at the same time
  • Market place: local producers, small and medium size companies with same values as us (saving the biodiversity, reserving nature, fair and ecological production and services) marketpalce has buyers around the world.
  • BIOCON-ipedia

3. Revenue: How will your company make money now and in the future? 

The company is partly dependent of governmental support, the co-operation with nature and environment associations is in the core of this idea.


4. Defensibility: What are the barriers to entry for your competitors and new market entrants? 

Contracts with partners will limit some actions with competitors

5. Team: How is your management team uniquely positioned to execute on this idea

I dont have management team yet. Experts and innovative workers are recruited when found. Finnish  game developing is at the top of the world, we cuold collaborate wit some succesful

6. Exit: How does the investor achieve liquidity?

That question i can’t  yet


Impact: How does your business benefit mankind? 

Helping the sustainable economical development in the area of Amazonas (and other similar areas). Rising avareness among future generations and helping in networking around the world, by:

1. Developing and marketing game for educational reason. Markets are around the world, this cause is universal thereby the Amazonas rainforest is said to be the lungs of the earth.

2. Giving a platform for marketing, selling and buying sustainable products and services of Amazonas and other similar regions.

3. Platform for sharing information, and connecting professionals working with same cause around the world.