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drink tap water and take a reusable water bottle with you when you travel

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Posted by Ursula T. on 28-04-2016 - Last updated on 28-04-2016

This is not the most original idea, but still so many people do not do it: In countries where the tap water quality is really good, we do not need any sales packaging for water and there is no need to buy water in the supermarket. You can drink it from the tap when at home or in a restaurant using a nice glass. When you travel you can take your own reusable bottle with you. There are already really nice sustainable reusable bottles out there. The only question is, how can we convince people to do this. Is there anyone out here that likes to join me in developing this solution further?



  1. Helen Breewood Helen Breewood

    I agree that this would be a good solution in countries with potable tap water, but I don't (yet) see how the solution could be addressed by product design, as opposed to raising awareness. Perhaps two of the main benefits to drinking tap water are (1) saving money, and (2) health, since carbonated drinks can be bad for teeth ( and even fruit juice can increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes (

  2. Helen Breewood Helen Breewood

    Actually, one way of making carrying a reusable bottle more appealing would be to make it collapsible and hence take up less space when empty. These are already available on the market, for example: