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Meet The Innonatives!

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Posted by gabriele.tempesta on 21-11-2015 - Last updated on 07-01-2016

The clip represents Seekers, Solvers, Voters, Funders, Experts and Traders as the "fishes" that populate the Innonatives platform digital ocean. Jump in and join them, as they blow their sustainable ideas out of the water and into the real world!


The clip is designed to cover all the topics required in the challenge brief in a light and playful mood, with a sprinkle of urgency, hope and motivating/inspiring remarks. It consists of a 2D animation video accompanied by music and a speaker voice, with a graphic style based on Innonatives visual identity.

The core concept of the video is to explain Innonatives platform system by representing different roles as "fishes", building upon Innonatives anglerfish logo.