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SoUNd Ride

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Posted by Ciro Davila on 14-09-2015 - Last updated on 23-09-2015

Focused on 3 key solutions: 1. Use of Eco friendly energy and materials. 2. Multifunctionality, combining the task of transportation and radio broadcasting in one vehicle. 3. Inclusion of electric motors which allow the vehicle to reach greater distances.

By analyzing the concept design proposed in the previous phase, it has been decided to change the configuration of the vehicle into a quadricycle, as a solution that improves stability, manageability and brings comfort and safety to the user.

SoundRide, is a hybrid vehicle powered 100% with renewable energy, combining the manpower and electricity. Is a semi recumbent quadricycle featuring  two electric motors (Brushless hub motor). With two monocrystalline solar panels which help to maintain the power of the batteries, making possible to achieve greater distances in less time.

It also includes a compact radio console ready to use, that permits the user to settle in no time a recording set in any place of the city without the necessity of go out of the vehicle.

Technological considerations.


Main components of the product:

Manufactured components (All possible in Milan):

  • Structure

  • Body (Radio console and cover)

  • Windshield

The others elements that compose the vehicle are standard.

Manufacturing processes:

The structure is made from standard tubes and pipes, cut, bended and welded

The body and windshield are composed by plastic parts made by thermoformed.

Material selection:

The structure is proposed in two materials:

  1. Steel 4130 tempered, which offers great mechanicals properties and low cost (0.4 €/Kg), the virtual weight of the structure made in steel is 28 Kg.

  2. Aluminium 6063, offer good mechanical properties with a very low mass, The virtual weight of the structure in aluminium is 9 Kg. The principal problem with the aluminium is the cost (1.70 €/Kg)   

For the body:

  1. PP: In order to have a good UV resistance is necessary to apply additive at the material, making the process less sustainable. Also the range of colors of the final components are limited.

  2. ABS: Offer better mechanical properties and is possible to achieve more complicated forms, but the UV resistance is very low and is necessary to paint the part.

Windshield choise is PMMA.

SoundRide is inspired in the SUN RIDE project, an open project of the DIS (Design and Innovation for Sustainability) unit of research in the design department of Politecnico di Milano.

SoundRide_technical drawings.pdf