How to reduce solid waste generation within the EL BOSQUE UNIVERSITY, BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA?



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Posted by mvillotad on 04-11-2016 - Last updated on 04-11-2016

1. Implementar puntos ecológicos de intercambio para obtener beneficios por reciclar. 2. Reemplazar cartón utilizado en tiendas de comidas rápidas por cartón fabricado a base de caña de azúcar. 3. Usar desechos orgánicos generados en las tiendas para hacer abonos y utilizarlos posteriormente en los jardines de la universidad o venderlos a la comunidad.

At the University El Bosque most waste in cafes and food shops are produced, here of all kinds, so we have both organic and inorganic waste ending mixed and disposed of without proper separation so they can be exploited. The proposed waste management challenge is to involve the entire educational community, for this reason it is proposed to make machines or ecological points where profits are for example: win tickets for a lunch, win food or drinks, winning classes dance and music, win tickets bus to campus chia and others.
Sydney has been implemented in this technique barter to encourage recycling where profits are getting bus tickets and tickets to theater, it is believed that in this way can greatly reduce waste produced by the community.
In fast food shops used as packaging for products cardboard, paper can be recycled and has less impact than plastic, but there are other materials that are more beneficial for the planet. It wants to implement the use of cardboard cane "a new and innovative hardwearing natural cardboard to fat, made 100% fiber sugarcane. Totally free plastic, bleach and fluorocarbon chemicals, ideal to be in direct contact with food" . This idea is not new in our country there are companies that manufacture these types of packaging such as S.A.S Green Pack, a company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing of biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and sustainable packaging.

In college stores Forest ensalda products like fruit, fruit juices are sold, among others. The waste produced making these type products are organic so they can be harnessed to produce fertilizers, ie, that when used in gardening, plants obtain nutrients that improve their physical, chemical and biological characteristics. All staff must commit to separate their organic waste to then by a trained staff can be composted and used in the gardens of the university or sold within the same at a low price