Hotels on Small Islands - Call for Sustainability Challenges

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Posted by Bonnie Lewtas on 06-08-2015 - Last updated on 21-10-2016

Do you own, manage, or work at a hotel on a small island? Are you trying to make it more sustainable but are facing challenges in areas such as: Energy, Waste, Water, Wildlife Conservation or Food and Beverage? Sustainable management of those areas is critical for the long term viability of hotels on small islands. Sustainable solutions go hand in hand with successful business!

Due to factors such as isolation from economies of scale, natural scarcity of resources, dependence on imports, increasing demand, and fragile ecosystems, the above mentioned areas make sustainable hotel management evermore difficult to tackle on small islands. 

Submit your Challenges (big or small) in one or more of those areas – the innonatives community will partner with you and find creative people from around the world to come up with practical solutions to help your business thrive long-term! Once enough challenges are gathered, we will choose at least one from each category and start the open-innovation development process for realistic, cost-effective and scalable solutions to offer your hotel and others in a similar situation. 

Let's get started!