How to push the Circular Economy in Europe

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Posted by Ursula T. on 06-08-2015 - Last updated on 03-11-2015

UPCOMING: We are using and wasting too many resources. The world overshoot day is happening earlier each year. In 2015 it is on August 13th. That means from that day on we have consumed all the resources that the earth is able to renew within one year. The Circular Economy is an economy that re-uses and recycles everything all the time and thus reduces considerably the amount of resources taken from nature and the amount of waste and emissions sent back to nature. How can we encourage wide uptake of that model with businesses and consumers?



  1. stefan.m2 stefan.m2

    App for Plastic an packaging Identification A app to identify plastics/synthetic material and lamination would be nice. To classify these materials incl. a desciption and a environmental / recycling evaluation/rating. For identification could be used marks (image-matching), visual- physical- haptic tests,... (i.e.: in german:, In the backround there have to be a database for characteristics of plastic and packaging. (

  2. Ursula A Ursula A

    Hi Stefan, good idea, we will follow it up once the challenge is launched,,,, at the moment we are still inviting challenge owners to join and specify the theme further. do you have an idea? thanks

  3. rn rn

    We have researched & developed the Green Technology for sustainable re-cycling of e-Waste/WEEE, MSW, Plastics, Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste, also MSW, WEEE etc & submitted these to receive favorable Search, Examination, Written Opinion & Patentability reports from European Patent Office/EPO. For WIPO Green Technologies, visit Thus Circular Economy principle is completed & Bricks, Marble/Granite slabs, Wood/Timber boards, Panels & Beams are prepared in 24-36 hrs in COLD Processes through Patent Ownership or Lucensing in 38 EU Countries & other nations on 3 more continents. Thanking you, Yours sincerely. - Rahuul Nagpaul (M: +91 9850864623) ________________________________________________________________________________ Rahuul Nagpaul CEng, MEO Cl.1 (M),DCE (O) II,MERI, MIMarE(I), MIE(I), PmGHGMI,MISTE,MISCA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), RESCUE Earth Innovative Technologies and Advisory LLp M: +91 9850864623, E-m:, Portal:

  4. Ursula A Ursula A

    Dear Rahuul, thank you for your comment, do you apply this technology already in India, do you have any examples for application and what about toxicity aspects? How do you make sure that contamination in the waste materials is not still there in the re-used products you produce? thank you

    1. rn rn

      Hi Ursulla, rgdg elimination of toxic content, we can exercise the option of washing with a disinfectant or Sun drying or even chlorination treatment prior to processing the Waste. BRGDS, - rahul.

  5. rn rn

    Helo Ursula, Great to receive the queries from you. Both these Green Clean-Techs are result of the two/2 Provisional Patents filed earlier in 2008 & '12, but abandoned subsequently & third time we filed in 2012 were effective - also our 'Priority' date for both Green Techs. Responses to your queries are as enumerated: a) As examples for application, Six/6 nos Prototypes have been tested/prepared successfully in 3rd Party Internationally validated Material testing labs. Both Technologies have been additionally finalized recently upon receiving favorable Intnl. Preliminary Search, Examination, Written opinion & Patentibility reports from European Patent Office/ EPO (vide file ref. PCT-IN-718 & 719,dt. 31/12/14 & 24/12/14). With 'Bootstrapping' completed, we are presently in discussions with few Municipal Corporation, Indian Railways etc for their implementation/ use. b) Toxicity aspect: Nil because none of the ingredients or process (s) used thereof are Toxic. c) The contaminated Waste materials (ingredients) are Washed, sanitized/dis-infected prior to inclusion, thus all toxins are made dormant/ deactivated. Hope this answers the queries satisfactorily. Let me know if there are any other issues. Thanks & BRGDS, - Rahul Nagpaul e-m: M: +919850864623

  6. Sumita Sumita

    Hi Rahul, Nice to learn about green clean tech. Have you done any pilot test in India in any city ? Did you try to contact any impact accelerator in India ?

  7. rn rn

    Hello Sumita. Well frankly No,as me& team have been too busy in: a. Renewals & Examination in different countries b. In countering the rising Sea levels in numerous Coastal cities & low lying islands viz.Maldives, Fiji etc. Nor have we been able to contact a VC or impact accelerator. Can you come in with your inputs here ?

  8. Sumita Sumita

    My input is to do pilot test and then go for impact investors.

    1. rn rn

      Ok, I'm cool with that, pls reach me at, Thanks