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Posted by Ursula A on 02-10-2016 - Last updated on 05-04-2018

The World Mobility Summit 2016 is searching for your most inspiring ideas on how our future urban mobility systems will look like when they are based on electric transportation means and renewable energy including human power. Will we organize daily life differently, travel less, change the city planning, invent new and better electric or human powered vehicles and public transportation, or all of the above? Please post your best existing or new ideas and projects.

Munich Expo asks for inspiring future visions of sustainable urban moblilty that are visualised and described in a short and interesting way.

It can be projects that you have carried out before, or something you make up just for this challenge. We know that there are many student projects out there dealing with this exciting and important subject. Please let us and the world know about them. You can post images, sketches, renderings, animations, video clips or stories etc.

Please let us know what the future mobility in Sustainable Cities has to look like from your point of view.

The organization behind this challenge is Munich Expo, who is the organizer of the World Mobility Summit

Submit your ideas until October 16, 2016 and save up to 1.000 €

Munich Expo will offer to up to 5 winners of this challenge free entrance to fair and conference worth around 1000 Euros, free food and drinks during the day, and the opportunity to pitch their idea to a high level international audience. This is an excellent opportunity for networking and promoting you as an expert in the field.

Presentation of the best ideas on October 20, 2016 during World Mobility Summit

The presentation of the best ideas will take place during the World Mobility Summit 2016 on October 20, 2016 in the morning session from 10 am to 1 pm on the fairground in Munich, Germany. Important: Please enter the fairground through ENTRANCE EAST.

The Jury

The Jury that will vote for the best projects consists of you, the Crowd, via Crowd Voting and an expert jury including, Gerhard Holmer from Munich Expo, Ursula Tischner from econcept, Agency for Sustainable Design, Agim Meta from ecosense, media & communication.

Criteria to consider are:

  • Originality of the idea,
  • its power to inspire change,
  • innovativeness,
  • sustainability aspects,
  • and quality of the documentation/presentation.

Reduced entry fee up to 60%

Munich Expo further offers to all actors participating in this challenge a reduced entry fee to conference and fair as follows

For Students:
one day: 190€, two days: 290€, three days: 390€

For non-students:
one day: 395€, two days: 695€, three days: 890€

(regular fees would be: one day 795€, two days:1390€, three days 1680€)
All rates plus VAT.

Buy your respective ticket here:

Contact for further information and questions

Gerhard Holmer
MunichExpo Veranstaltungs GmbH​

Ursula Tischner
econcept, Agengy for Sustainable Design