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Bamboo show frame design

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Posted by YunFeng - Last updated on 11-05-2015

The whole design is divided into three part.Both use China traditional material---bamboo.It is making use of resources in effect, protecting circumstances, for realizing sustainable development.

  • Design Introductions:

    1 New Concept Development

       Main features: display (display panels, product brochures)

       Users: Student works from design school

    2 Select low environmental impact materials and renewable materials: bamboo/hemp

    3 Reduce the amount of material。Bamboo is a material with light weight and good toughness;

      Removable parts, telescopic, reduce the volume;Minimize the use of the metal member;

    4 Optimizing Distribution System:Removable and assemble structure can reduces the volume, bamboo and straw reduced weight, easy to transport, reduce costs;Simple packing material is not brittle, difficult to damage

    5 Optimizing initial product life:Modular assembly;Flexibility, can adjust itself according to the needs;Product durable, easy to replace