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GRIDY - sustainable showcase


Posted by giulia-polimi - Last updated on 16-04-2015

Gridy is a wire mesh exhibition consists of a few recyclable materials. The use of the wire mesh makes the exhibitor versatile and allows to expose different sizes of sheets. The structure is modular and can be positioned in different arrangements.

During the realization of the concept "Gridy" we tried to dematerialize the product, trying to eliminate the materials of the current exhibitors that impact more on the environment and that clutter during transport.

The final concept is a structure consisting of two vertical panels of steel mesh, three weights attached to the mesh and two LED spotlights with clamp orient toward the sheets.

The lights can save energy because, in addition to being LED, are equipped with a sensor: in a scenario with low affluence the light turns on in the presence of people and turns off if there are none.

All components are connected to each other without any add-on:

- The wire mesh in the vertical and the horizontal tension, are fitted together

- The weights are hung directly to the wires of the mesh structure

Have fewer components obviously reduces the impacts caused by the production; it also facilitates the transport of the structure and installation / maintenance of the same, making the steps more intuitive and quick. During the transport phase, the wire mesh panels , in addition to being lightweight , can be stacked one on the other , cluttering much less .

The only component that was kept equal to the existing exhibitors are the clips, essential to place the sheets freely on the structure.

All the materials used are recyclable by open-loop.

Extending the life of materials, facilitating assembly , reducing the number of components , reducing the energy consumed , Gridy is a simple and versatile solution that conserves resources and reduces environmental impact by 90% compared to existing exhibitors.

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  1. Ursula T. Ursula T.

    Hi group, nice concept, can your weights be also made of bags that you then fill with water or sand before the exhibition? Would save you lots of transportation weight and volume. And PVC as a material is an environmental disaster maybe you can think of something else? thanks for the good work.