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Posted by ZHU Wei on 08-09-2015 - Last updated on 08-09-2015

The product is used in urban outdoor sales, and make it more modernized. The body construction of this car including: a large cargo baskets, which is used for loading goods to sale and a navigator in the middle of the handlebar for traffic navigation

The structure of this bicycle’s body include : metal basket to lay aside articles for daily use , GPS and audio are placed between handlebars, which aim at guiding directions and playing music.

The whole body of this car takes framing structure and uses, the metal materials. To combinate the groups of audio and the design of this bicycle’s structure can play a part in playing music and broad casting news.

Mainly use

Go out in cities and travel outdoors makes people’s life richer.

The tailstock of this bicycle adopts the design that combinate the box and the board of solar energy. Microphones and some articles in daily life could put inside the box,and behind the box, it takes the model that controlled by button to turn on and off,play and adjust the broadcast.It is steadier and safer for this car to take triangle trestles at its bottom.

The style of this bicycle is characterized by having a large space to store and high practicability.


成员:魏征      Zheng  Wei

屈小月    Xiaoyue  Qu

陈灵子    Lingzi  Chen

带队老师:朱炜  Wei  Zhu  420983198203267835


  1. Bonnie Lewtas Bonnie Lewtas

    strayed a bit from the original challenge but i would like to buy my fruit out of that ;-) Try to bring this concept back to the challenge brief and cover more broadcasting aspects

  2. Agim U Agim U

    The light cyan area is predestined as a broadcaster advertising space.

  3. Bonnie Lewtas Bonnie Lewtas

    Oh cool didn't see that. Thanks :-)