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Passive down-draft cool tower

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Posted by Jessica on 30-05-2018 - Last updated on 30-05-2018

"A technology closely related to the solar chimney is the evaporative down-draft cooltower. In areas with a hot, arid climate this approach may contribute to a sustainable way to provide air conditioning for buildings. Evaporation of moisture from the pads on top of the Toguna buildings built by the Dogon people of Mali, Africa contribute to the coolness felt by the men who rest underneath. The women's buildings on the outskirts of town are functional as more conventional solar chimneys. The principle is to allow water to evaporate at the top of a tower, either by using evaporative cooling pads or by spraying water. Evaporation cools the incoming air, causing a downdraft of cool air that will bring down the temperature inside the building.[6] Airflow can be increased by using a solar chimney on the opposite side of the building to help in venting hot air to the outside.[7] This concept has been used for the Visitor Center of Zion National Park. The Visitor Center was designed by the High Performance Buildings Research of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The principle of the downdraft cooltower has been proposed for solar power generation as well. (See Energy tower for more information.)" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_chimney

  • only electricity required is needed for waterpump