Challenge 1

How to reduce solid waste generation within the EL BOSQUE UNIVERSITY, BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA?

El Bosque University promotes commitment to human dignity and a harmonious relationship with their environment. Contrary to this goal, an unacceptably high amount of non-hazardous solid waste is generated by the University’s community. Despite efforts, this waste is still not reduced, reused, or recycled. At the ... more

Challenge 1

How can IoT and Digitalization enable Hotel resource efficiency, waste reduction and sustainable management?

Sustainability and Digitalization – A huge chance for the Hotel Management? We, the Heilbronn University, are looking for your IDEAS in this field. In our age of digitalization and IoT as well as a growing importance of sustainability issues the Hotel Industry has to deal with innovative a ... more

Challenge 0

How can we reduce European resource use drastically? Examples for Factor X reduction in resource use in Europe

Resource use is essential for all human and economic activities. But the magnitude and speed of today's resource use threaten long term resource availability and the well-being of humanity and nature alike. The German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) is looking for examples of pr ... more

Challenge 1

"Chance Personalführung" in Zeiten der Digitalisierung und Nachhaltigkeit in der Hospitality/Tourism Industry

Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung als Chance in der Personalführung in der Hospitality/Tourism Industry? Wir, die Hochschule Heilbronn, suchen Ihre / Eure Ideen hierzu! Moderne Personalführung ist eines der zentralen Themen im Hotel- und Tourismusgewerbe, aber nicht nur dort. Gleichzeit ... more

Challenge 1

sustainable urban mobility based on renewable energy

The World Mobility Summit 2016 is searching for your most inspiring ideas on how our future urban mobility systems will look like when they are based on electric transportation means and renewable energy including human power. Will we organize daily life differently, travel less, change the city planning, invent new and better electric or human powered ve ... more

Challenge 4

Grape's Pack

We need a transport box for grapes that is made from the new composite material created by Freewood, a mix of MDF and polymers. This reduces the need for spraying the boxes with pesticides considerably and improves the quality of grapes. The box needs to have the following dimensions (maximum 80cm x 120cm) and has to have the following specifications: Reduce the volume after use; Returnable; and Reusa ... more

Challenge 4

SUSTAINOVATORS - Sustainability by Design and User Behaviour

Phase 2 of the Sustainovators Challenge focusses on finding solutions for the problem of too much waste generated by single use packaging for drinks: plastic bottles, cans, drink cartons etc. Now we need your ideas for solutions to solve this problem: Can we eliminate packaging? Can you think of a better refund packaging system for drinks? Do you ... more

Challenge 2

Christmas presents 2.0: more joy and less consumption

With approximately 100 Billion Euro spent on Christmas gifts, 2 Mrd. cards sent, and 30 Million Christmas trees cut worldwide, the environmental impact is immense. A minimum of 30,000,000 tonnes of greenhouse pollution contributed to Christmas alone! The world needs your ideas for Christmas presents with Zero negative or positive Sustainability impacts.

Challenge 2


Collection of waste disturbs people by making noise. ESE, Europe's leading manufacturer of temporary storage solutions for waste, is looking for innovative 'out of the box' ideas to silence their waste bins during use and pick up. The best three solutions are awarded cash prizes. ESE will select the best solutions for implementation and c ... more

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